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1962 B Model Mack with 20' Trailer   Leave Comment
1459989088.jpg1962 B Model Mack with 20' Trailer. Only $8,995.00.
I have owned this truck for approximately 20 year, it runs good, but needs some body work and upholstery.
Diesel Engine, 10 speed transmission, air brakes including trailer.
Reason for selling: I have retired from the Construction Business.

Call J.T. 865-679-2443
700 SERIES FORD TRACTOR   Leave Comment
1459989179.jpg700 series Ford Tractor, not sure of the year model, could be early sixties, looks good runs good, history unknown.

Sale price $2,695.00

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1459989224.jpgThis tractor looks good and runs good.

Sale price $3,695.00

Call J.T. 865-679-2443
STRAW BLOWER   Leave Comment
1459989292.jpgI bought this straw blower new from farmers Co-op. It has mainly been used on jobs where I was the general contractor. It will need a new battery.

It's in Excellent condition.

Sale price only $2,695.00.

Call J.T. 865-679-2443
941 Caterpillar Leave   Leave Comment
1459989347.jpgEquipment941 Caterpillar loader, good tracks, runs good, will need some work on bucket.

Sale price $14,000.00

reason for selling: retiring

Call J.T. 865-679-2443
1984 Mercedes Classic Car   Leave Comment
1459989473.jpg1984 Mercedes in mint condition, won 2 car shows in its class.

Sale Price $9,500.00

Call J.T. 865-679-2443

SALE PRICE: $495.00

Truck for sale   Leave Comment
1459989620.jpgWe have an older model Chevrolet Dump Truck with tandem axles for sale, runs good, needs brakes worked on.
$4,900.00. For more information call 865-679-2443
16' AQUA CAT SAIL BOAT   Leave Comment
1459989699.jpg16' Aqua Cat Sail Boat for sale: only $799.00

Included in the above price is a trailer with new tires.

call 865-679-2443
16' HORSE TRAILER   Leave Comment
1459989749.jpg 16' horse trailer for sale: $2,699.00

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